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Arty Parties!

Now you can fill them out on your computer!!

Every guest creates an ORIGINAL work of art:

Staffed by professional artists

What you can do

Supercool Ceramics:
Paint or glaze anything from figurines to usable dinnerware.


Wood Crafts: 
Construct a sculpture using our vast selection of various wood pieces, materials, jewelry pieces, and more. Instruction in the use of a hot glue gun 

Custom Keepsake Boxes: 
Design, paint, and decorate your own special box!


Tie Dye Party: 
It’s Fun! It’s Messy! Everyone loves it! We provide the pre-soaked, pre-laundered shirts. (depends on instructor availability)


Splatter Painting: 
Design a background and splatter like crazy on top of it, on a pre-primed canvas.


Party Extras:
Face Painting: 
Our talented artists can paint any design you like! 

(this depends on availability of a painter please call ahead)


Art badges for Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts. Call us to reserve your spot for your group. (860) 354-4318.

Birthday Party
Birthday Parties

You Bring: 

Cake, candles, paper goods, juice, goodie bags, and music your child likes. We have a Bluetooth speaker.

We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled party time, so you may greet your guests & become situated.

If you would like to have a table for food, please inform us in advance and bring a tablecloth, your paper goods and whatever food you need for them. Also, please inform us in advance if you will need the use of refrigerator or freezer space, or of any other special needs.


For parties of 8 people or less, we suggest an “Open Studio” Ceramic Painting Party. Contact us for details.


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