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Artistic and Community Based Services

Village Center for the Arts (VCA) is a proud member of the community. We believe in spreading creativity and kindness in the area we serve and to all those we meet.


Some ways in which we serve our community:

  • Unexpected Artist - "Free art related homework initiative"

  • Mole Project Participation

  • Fundraisers for community programs

  • Auction donations

  • Preserving the history of our town

  • Participation in downtown festivals and fairs

  • Encouraging and promoting "shop-local" programs

  • Special programs for homeschoolers, seniors and those with special needs.

  • Face painting at events

  • Mural Painting
    (schools, office buildings, municipalities, etc.)

  • Restoration and repair of ceramic arts.

  • Encouraging the emerging artists of our community!

Scholarships available for all VCA programs.
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