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Open Studio
Available during all hours we are open. 

If you have more than 3 people please call so we can provide 

an art space for you (860) 354-4318 


What Can I do at Open Studio?

Walk-in anytime we are open and create.

  • Paint a canvas

  • Paint-Your-Own-Pottery

  • Create wood sculptures from our huge assortment of pieces

  •  Free-build with the many materials we have available to you

  •  Build with kiln-fired clay (previous experience working with clay is required)

Walk-in and Create

Open Studio Rates 
(Group Rates Available)

New Project:

$12 studio fee per person doing an activity plus supplies. There is no fee for parents assisting.

The $12 covers your time in the studio on that day and includes basic use instructions, use of our tools, brushes, smocks, and our reference library. Additionally, you pay the cost of the ceramic piece or wood pieces and supplies.

Piece price includes paint or glaze, firing, etc.
Please see Open Studio Time on our Pottery Page for clay sculpting rates.

Returning to finish a piece on another day: $6 studio fee. The return must be within 30 days of last visit to continue work on project.


Childrens' Rates for Open Studio

Drop off a child off rates:

Children 4 - 7 Years of Age

Children under 7 cannot be dropped off for Open Studio without prior arrangement with a VCA staff person. 

Children 8 – 11 Years of Age

Fee: $12 for up to 2 hours, Then $6.00 each additional hour. Supplies are additional.

Children 12 – 17 Years of Age

Fee: $12 for up to 4 hours,
Then $6.00 each additional hour. 
Supplies are additional.

Children needing specific professional help will incur a professional fee of $25 per person.

Projects not included in our regular open studio format require advance notice and will incur additional professional fees.

The Unexpected Artist  

All Ages

Free art related homework help
Kids have a model to make for science class? A diorama to create for Social Studies?

Or a poster to draw or a sculpture to build for homework?

All supplies are free when you are working in our Open Studio. Our Studio Artists are here to offer guidance and assistance if you need it. FREE! They can take the bus from school! 

Donations are accepted but not required!

Our Unexpected Artist program is our way of giving back to our community.

Any child with art related homework can come to our studio and do it here free of charge.

Our staff is on hand for any guidance. They use our studio to complete their project. 

Ongoing programs continue with the support of the Department of Economic Community Development, 

United Way, and Private Family Foundations.

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